About us


Who we really are

We are a bunch of seasoned professionals: industry specialists and technology experts. It was a tiny little spark. The idea was to leverage on the financial expertise that we have garnered over the years and develop software that addresses the dire needs of the Small and Medium Business Enterprises (SMEs). This spark has grown into a flame that keeps us going. We are now more focused on solutions that are technology driven and also affordable.

You - as a customer need out of the box thinking and solutions that are innovative. And we listen. We analyse what our client requires and needs. And the solution that we develop and deploy just delights.

And we just look up to our happy customers. They are the ones who help us grow with their referrals.

Welcome aboard

We started small. We started working on small projects. We focused on happy clients. And our happy clients brought us more business. We are growing steadily. We encourage our teams to be updated with the trends while we are open to add talents.

You are most welcome to send in your resume and we can have a discussion over a cup of chai or coffee if you prefer. We are not that routine software company that churns out codes. We want our teams to understand their contribution and this is the key.

Out talent pool is our biggest asset. And will be glad to hear from you. Email resume to talent@xpandfintech.com and it could be lifechanging!

Our Expertise

We pride ourselves as a strong management team with relevant industry experience. We focus on distinct competitive advantages and USPs that we can offer, usually via breakthrough defensible technology. We understand and emphasise that our products / services should address serious pain points felt by our customer and deploy a solution that alleviates the pain points.

Our Technical expertise includes and is not limited to PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Codeigniter, JavaScript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, Vue.js, NodeJS, RESTful Web services, third-party API Integration, GitHub, Object Oriented Programming, MVC architecture, Web Application development.

Our teams count on their strength in NodeJS, ReactJS/Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript and jQuery. And integrating third-party API while developing our own API is what they love doing most.